Google Announces Android Studio 2.0

Currently, Android is the most dominating mobile operating system ubiquitously present in the market today. Since it is one of the most popular platforms of choice, Google is heavily investing on it as it continues to develop and support Android. In recent news, the search engine giant has announced the second major version of Android Studio—the second major version of its integrated development environment. The new version will reportedly come with Instant Run as well as a new GPU profiler.

Google, through the official Android Developers Blog, said that one of the most requested features that they receive is to create app builds and make deployment faster with Android Studio. Google has taken this into consideration, and the company at the Android Developer Summit has announced the preview version of Android Studio 2.0 that brings Instant Run to dramatically boost a developer's workflow.

Android Studio's Instant Run will allow developers to quickly see the changes they make when they are running on their device or emulator. Google says that getting started in creating a project is easy. New projects with Android Studio 2.0 will be setup from the get go. Furthermore, developers that have a pre-existing app will also have access to the new feature.

According to Google, the GPU Profiler in Android GPU is much easier this time around. While the tool is still in its early stages, it's already powerful enough to display details of the GL State and Commands, and developers can even record full sessions and walk through several aspects as their apps run on OpenGL ES Code.

Google says that the two new features are just some of the bigger updates that will come with the latest version of Android Studio, and it's also available today on the Android Studio canary channel.

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