ThreadStax Keeps Clothes Folded Perfectly

Scott Mosmach has invented a folding system designed to keep clothes from cluttering. The concept is now known as ThreadStax and is now in a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production.

People love the idea of folded clothes. It is a household chore that is done from time to time. In reality, managing clothes from wardrobes and cabinets is very difficult at times. Oftentimes, it is very hard to keep clothes folded properly and a few could barely keep their clothes folded or hung for a long time.

Kickstarter launched a genius system for keeping clothes folded and properly organized. Dubbed as ThreadStax, the folding system uses magnets to keep clothes from cluttering. The system uses a folding board, a bracket and magnetic slides.

ThreadStax is easy to use. Just put a clothing item in the folder's center, swing its panels, then close to fold, complete with straight edges and properly aligned creases. After folding, the slides come in. The heart of the system are the slides and its bracket system that separates clothes from each other, thereby preventing it from unfolding and cluttering. The slides provide the separation between clothes on cabinets and wardrobes. The magnet enables people to snap them in and out of the brackets. The bracket system uses 3M Command hanging strips to stick to any exterior.

Scott Mosmach, inventor of the genius folding system, got the idea after he purchased a tiny condominium unit and found it almost impossible to keep his clothes in order. His unit at that time only had a coat closet and awkward-spaced cabinets. He needed a solution that would allow him to stack his clothes as much as the shelves would allow, and at the same time not to mess up and clutter his clothes in his little space.

In a survey that he conducted, he found out that 53 percent out of 300 people have their clean clothes cluttered at home, and 90 percent feels unmotivated to fix up their wardrobes because clothes never stayed organized for a long period in the first place. With ThreadStax, the problem is already solved. The genius folding system can now be preordered for a $30 price tag.

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