HomeBiogas Turns Organic Waste Products To Cooking Fuel

HomeBiogas, an Israeli startup company, has developed a solution to turn organic waste into cooking fuel. The home-sized biogas units can generate two to four hours of cooking energy using waste products, as well as producing liquid fertilizers in every usage.

A startup company from Israel has invented a biogas device that converts organic waste products into sufficient gas for cooking. Also, in every two to four hours of cooking using organic waste materials, it can produce from five to eight liters of liquid fertilizers in a single day.

The Israeli startup company's invention proclaimed a new trend on local waste recovery for both on-grid homes as well as off-grid facilities. Their invention is capable of taking organic waste products up to six liters to include meat and dairy, which is not recommended for home decomposition. The invention can also convert energy from animal manure of up to 15 liters per day. Waste products turned into fuel can cook meals while producing organic fertilizers that will benefit garden yields and soil fertility.

Other HomeBiogas initiatives focus on developing countries to help them convert human waste as well as animal manure into clean and burning used to heat water, cook and provide renewable energy sources locally. These projects intend to reach suburbs where it can function as a valuable asset for a household's power source, either as an adjunct to grid-based systems or just an off-grid auxiliary.

HomeBiogas stated that one kilogram of food waste products can produce about 200 liters of gas. This is enough to fuel an hour's worth of high-flame cooking. A daily input of six liters of waste products to the biogas units can produce enough cooking power for a day. Also, it helps eradicate a ton of waste products in a year and avoid six tons of carbon dioxide generated annually from organic waste materials.

The home-sized biogas units are very simple to use and requires very minimal annual maintenance. The startup has already partnered with Indiegogo in crowdfunding for its production. Backers of the project may get it at $890, but will be $1500 after the campaign ends.

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