American Lung Association Names EnergySage As First Air Quality Champion

The American Lung Association has recognized EnergySage as its first Air Quality Champion for its role of helping people to use clean energy. The solar marketplace personifies the association's advocacy in adopting sustainability in the United States of America.

Having a healthy lung does not simply mean by not smoking cigarettes. Even as a nonsmoker, air pollution and poor air quality can have negative effects on human health by breathing polluted air every day. It is because local energy sources like nuclear power plants pollute the air, and converting it to clean energy as well as health is an economic issue.

The Northeast Branch of the American Lung Association believes that natural air currents are putting the Northeast States on the receiving end of air pollution from other nation's polluted cities. With poor air quality, it can cause health hazards such as an asthma attack or premature death.

In line with this, building a partnership was necessary to solve the problem of air quality and pollution. ALA has chosen EnergySage to represent its advocacy and giving it the title as their first Air Quality Champion as the solar company connects good air quality and clean energy altogether.

With an established organization like the ALA, it helps the solar company's supporters to see the light beyond the darkness with regards to home and business solar packages. The association's decision of selecting the solar company is a significant sign of the potential of solar power in reducing carbon emissions in poor areas, with the testimonial that converting solar energy reduces carbon dioxide as heavy as 11,500 pounds, which is equivalent to planting 135 trees annually in approximation.

In return, the solar company has created a website for the lung association using its high-tech platforms for solar comparisons and financing research. This is to help users understand the advocacy, along with the options, benefits and outlays of solar panels for home and business before people make decisions in installing renewable energy on their end.

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