Alberta Phases Coal Usage Out

The Coal Association of Canada has announced that it will be phasing out coal power plants by 2030. Provincial level politician Robin Campbell of Alberta opposes this as it will hurt rural communities and put people out of work.

Canada's Coal Association President states that the plan of Alberta to oust coal power plants by 2030 will decommission coal miners in the process as well as injure rural communities and weaken commerce by advancing electric expenditures.

West Yellowhead representative Robin Campbell said that the Canadian government should invest in new technology by redesigning coal-fired power plants so that it will continue to generate electricity and producing less pollution. With this, it makes certain that the community does not lose its advantage when it comes to provincial industries that rely on electricity.

In addition, he stated that the government can utilize the funds from the Climate Change and Emissions Management of Alberta. These funds come from industrial companies that cannot meet their targets with regards to greenhouse gas reduction. Not only the coal companies are at stake, but also more than 3,000 coal miners might be affected from the shutdown. Rural communities in Canada who depend on coal for electricity such as Keephills, Wabamun, Wainwright, Battle River, Forestburg and Hanna will also be affected as well.

There are a lot of uncertainties if the project would push through, and this concerns the coal-mining communities of Canada. Not only will the phase-out project affect their livelihood, but also their homes and their families as well.

Representative Robin Campbell worked for the Union of Mine Workers of America before he went to politics. He is also a former Progressive Conservative Finance and Environment Minister of Alberta.

Alberta's coal power plants produce more than half of the province's electricity. On the other hand, it also produces one-third of the area's sulfur dioxide emissions. Coal miners are willing to do their part, but the government should not turn its back on an energy source that gives Canada's provinces a stable and affordable energy supply.

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