Samsung Patents Show Scrollable Smartphone Designs

Samsung has been continuous in pushing innovation in the realm of display panels, showcasing bendable, flexible displays on mobile devices. Likewise, recent reports have also suggested that the South Korean tech giant is furthering its goals in flexible smartphones when it made prototypes of its flexible batteries public. Now, it looks like Samsung is going all out as its latest move suggests how serious the company is in the trend. A patent unearthed by Patently Mobile shows its most innovative plans for mobility.

According to reports, the patent was filed a year ago in Korea and this past May in the United States. The technology that holds Samsung's exploration is a flexible display, which made its rounds into mainstream smartphones such as the company's own Galaxy Round and S6 edge and LG's G Curve.

What's most interesting from the patent is the scroll-like device. It appears to be only a simply cylindrical device at first sight. But upon pulling the tab, manually pulling the main display or pressing one of the icons displayed on the secondary display will yield the full display of the device.

According to the patent, Samsung would need to replace the traditional glass screen surface with a pliable plastic in order to achieve the fully flexible display. This in turn would give the device the potential to achieve a scrollable screen.

Samsung has also conceptualized the idea of foldable tablets to achieve further portability without sacrificing the screen real estate or multitasking on a bigger screen.

Other patent findings also include what may seem to be another look for Samsung's Project Valley, which is another design for a bendable smartphone that the company has been working on as of late.

It's exciting to see what Samsung's patents are about to bring in the world of technology. But until then, it's important to note that not all patents make it to production. Although with Samsung's push in bendable and foldable tech, it may come sooner than what is really expected.

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