Huawei Might Make A Nexus 7 In 2016

Huawei has been the talk of the town as of late as the Chinese handset manufacturer made its way into the Nexus family and supercharged devices powered by its home-baked Kirin chipsets. Now, it looks like the company wants in on the Android race further as rumors have started circulating that Huawei will be designing the next-generation Nexus 7.

Asus is responsible for manufacturing the last two generations of Nexus 7 tablets, but if a rumor that started in Weibo holds true, then Huawei could be the next manufacturer to chip in for the next Nexus 7. First off, it's important to note that rumors, especially from random users on Weibo, which is also known as China's equivalent of Twitter, should be addressed with more grains of salt than the usual. However, the latest one appears to be much more reputable as the source seems to have experience in IC design and has over 34,000 followers.

Reports suggest that the search engine giant has already began developing the new line of Nexus devices, and it seems like the company is on its way to refresh the Nexus 7 line. There were two Nexus 7's before, and both were made by Asus in consecutive years. However, Google has put a stop to the trend and decided to go for a larger 8.9-inch one that turned out to be Nexus 9 by HTC in 2014. Now, it appears that Huawei is showing signs of strong interests in becoming the maker of an upcoming Nexus tablet.

The post, when roughly translated from Chinese to English, reads "2016 Google Nexus 7 project began, but did not determine to Huawei! Huawei still want to continue as Google surgeon!"

Huawei has built a solid reputation in the smartphone market when it partnered with Google for Nexus 6P; its Android wear smartwatch has also received much acclaim. It's no surprise if Google once again ends up with Huawei for the next generation of Nexus 7.

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