Google Search Now Features Image Bookmarks

Whenever people find an interesting image online, be it a DIY project, an image of the next adventure or just something for a next haircut, it will more often than not lead a user to save it. Most people keep track of the images by saving them on their devices, and users using mobile would take screenshots of them so they can return to them at a later time. Now, it seems that the search engine giant wants to make it easier to keep tabs on images as it now allows users to star and bookmark pictures they find directly from Google's image search using their mobile browser.

Whenever a user previews an image from a Google search, there will be a save button underneath the image itself. Images that a user saved can be accessed through a shortcut on the bottom right of any image results page, and other, much simpler way of accessing them would be going to Two tabs located at the top provide users with the option to see all of their saved images or look through collections.

For example, searching for "bob hairstyles" on Google will most likely yield an image that a user would like. Should that users like it, they can simply select it and tap the star. Next time that they visit a hairdresser or a salon, they can easily access the picture without having to go through hoops or do another search that will probably result into millions of images.

Tapping a saved image would allow users to edit its name, delete it or assign it to a collection. It's similar to how Pinterest works as it offers a way to collect content and pin them to many of their collections.

The feature is now available in the United States across all major browsers on both Android and iOS, although there's still no official word as to when it will hit other regions.

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