Chevrolet Promotes Legal And Safe Vehicle Modification

Chevrolet's Corvette Stingray model plays dressup at the Essen Motor Show, promoting safe and legal ways to modify a vehicle. The mentioned car plays cop for Germany's public safety program known as "Tune It Safe."

A Corvette Stingray might now seem to make sense playing dressup as a police car, but this is not what it seems to be. The car from Chevrolet is the latest model chosen by Autobahn to play a significant role for a public safety program to modify cars within legal limits.

Regulators and law enforcers in most countries are not enthusiastic with regard to modified vehicles. But since Germany's Federal Ministry of Transport and German Association of Automobile Tuners collaborated on a program called Tune It Safe way back in 2005, both parties have encouraged car owners to modify their vehicles legally.

Tune It Safe is a campaign that encourages car owners to upgrade their vehicles within legal limits. This program is a good settlement between emission concerns and public safety as Germany is well known for its deep-rooted tuner culture.

High-performance vehicles like the ones from RUF and Brabus have privileged status than their rivals. Their vehicles are viewed with the same admiration as they are based on OEM models.

The Tune It Safe program enables the car-tuning society to create car shows and festivals like the Essen Motor Show. At the show, Chevrolet features a Corvette Stingray dressed up like a German police car designed by TIKT Performance.

The car features carbon-fiber body kits, front lip spoilers, side skirts and fender flares. It has a staggering 19-inch wheels in the front and 20-inch wheels at the rear, forged in alloy with flashing lights as a complement to complete a police car transformation. Interestingly, its engine featured a 460 horsepower 6.2-liter V8, which is a Stingray stock option.

The Corvette Stingray is the latest model for the 2015 Tune It Safe campaign. Other cars used by the program includes BT-tunes Audi R8 in 2012 and Brabus-tuned G-Class Mercedes Benz in 2013.

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