Yahoo Messenger Gets Revamped

Yahoo Messenger was once the epitome of office conversations. It has been the center of instant messaging back in the days when WhatsApp, Viber and Google's Hangouts still weren't setting the trend. However, over the years, Yahoo's instant messaging platform has been languishing away in recent years as mobile applications began taking over the world by storm. Now, it seems that Yahoo is revamping its venerable instant messaging service in hopes to pull back to reinstate itself and its once solid reputation in the platform.

The new design is launching today across all major platforms including Android, iOS, web browser and within the Yahoo Mail on desktops. The new Yahoo Messenger design seeks to integrate features from Flicker, Tumblr and Xobni while providing user access to instant messaging and contacts features.

Users will now also be able to share photos more intuitively with the new Yahoo Messenger. Powered by Flicker's photo platform, the new Yahoo Messenger now allows users to send hundreds of photos just by using the simple upload tool, and they will be displayed in a neatly designed photo drawer to be viewed in the context of the conversation.

The new Yahoo Messenger also now allows users to "unsend" their messages to save them from errors. Simply tap on a message, photo or GIF and select "Unsend" to remove it from the conversation window. Users can also "like" a photo, message or GIF just by a tap. Furthermore, users will also be able to search for and send GIFs from Tumblr that they can use as a reaction GIF.

Users of Yahoo Messenger on desktops will also be able to enjoy the convenience of Account Key for securing their accounts. It's a neat feature that pushes notifications to provide a more convenient and secure access to a user's Yahoo account.

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