Peugeot Unveils The 308 R Hybrid Hatchback

French car manufacturer Peugeot unveils a 494-bhp hatchback concept car dubbed as 308 R Hybrid. As the name represents, the car's power is a mix of electric energy and petrol.

A concept car for now, the Peugeot 308 R Hybrid is a four-wheel-drive vehicle that combines petrol and electricity to power up its engines and motorized axles. The hybrid car features a 268 break horsepower 1.6-liter turbocharged engine that consumes petrol like its 308 GTI model with an addition of two electric motors with 114 break horsepower for a total of 494 bhp.

An electric motor is located on each axle of the hybrid car. The front electric motor has the main role of generating electricity to keep the car's battery charged, while the rear electric motor boosts the car's agility when it comes to cornering and traction. To sum it up, the vehicle's power comes from the front axle, and the control comes from the rear axle.

For a 494 break horsepower car, it is still hardly scruffy, as Peugeot's hybrid car offers more power when compared to a new Focus RS from Ford. Also, the car can go as fast as 60 miles per hour under 4 seconds with the launch control system engaged power by the electric motor on the car's rear axle.

Not only does the car look fast but also it "feels" fast. The absurdity of hastily springing towards the distance in a practical hatchback is eye-watering in comparison to Ariel Motors' Atom and to Nissan's GT-R. In terms of top speed, 308 R Hybrid is limited to 155 miles per hour, the same level in comparison to BMW M-series cars, RS cars from Audi and Mercedes powered by AMG.

With regard to driving pleasure, the car is still a concept, and it could still improve as it becomes a showroom product. However, it has been driven in speed circuits, wherein cars are most comfortable for test drives, and 308 R Hybrid showcases more torque when compared to Ferrari's F12tdf.

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