Mitsubishi Launches Plug-In Outlander

Mitsubishi Motors will be debuting a new Outlander SUV in the United States in May 2016. The new vehicle will be a plug-in hybrid as well as a crossover between its compact and mid-size predecessors.

After the long wait, Mitsubishi will be releasing a plug-in hybrid Outlander set to hit the U.S. soon with a release date being somewhere in the month of May 2016. As it is a little hard to explain on the delay part of the story, the only believable detail is that there were supply restrictions, such that the company has focused its attention on Asian and European markets rather than North America.

However, there were rumors that the company was on the brink of pulling out from U.S. territories. However, electric vehicles and SUVs in the U.S. market has now a number of offerings, and maybe this is why there have been such delays in  launching the Outlander along with other vehicles from Mitsubishi Motors.

The company has a reputation of making good four-wheel drive vehicles. There are plans to introduce a crossover vehicle in 2017 that intends to fill in the gap between the mid-size Outlander and the Outlander Sport that will feature coupe styling as this is now the trend for small utility vehicles interiorly and exteriorly. This, on the other hand, does not make any sense of making SUVs small and compact but this is what the consumers say that they want, and Mitsubishi has no plans of failing them.

Also, there are plans to introduce a redesigned 2018 Outlander and a new Outlander Sport a year after. All the vehicles that Mitsubishi will unveil in the future will offer plug-in hybrid powertrains as well as the traditional ones that use gasoline and diesel. In addition, there are plans to make an all-electric version of the Outlander. Nevertheless, the i-MiEV will go on with no updates or changes as it continues to sell at a woeful rate of 10 cars per month around the globe.

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