'Final Fantasy' VII For PS4 Now Available

Square Enix has already released the "Final Fantasy" VII remake for PlayStation 4. However, the game will not be a high-definition remake that the fans have been longing for.

 Instead, Square Enix have devised a port of the game's PC version that was released in 2012. The PC version of "Final Fantasy" VII supported modern operating systems and higher resolutions. Nevertheless, it was not a dramatic makeover of the original game that was released for PlayStation 1 back in 1997.

The PS4 version of FFVII is presumed to feature a Trophies category that permits its players incentives to replay the game over and over. It may also come with a Character Booster feature that increases a character's hit points, magic points and Gil instantly. However, these are the only enhancements a fanatic can expect in a largely the same role-playing game that its players have played over and over. The only difference is that now it runs on a PlayStation 4 gaming console.

In past announcements, Square Enix has discussed possibilities of a true "Final Fantasy" VII high-definition remake. In 2011, FFVII director Yoshinori Kitase stated that if such a project is to happen, the game would more than likely have new features. He added that if they were to produce an HD remake of the RPG hit, the company would be tempted to delete some elements to add new ones that might make the fanatics happy or angry at them. In each time that he spoke about a high-definition remake of the game, he often said that it would be very difficult. He mentioned that it would be tough in balancing between game improvements and retaining elements similar to the original version to imitate the nostalgia it brought when it was first released.

Earlier this year, Kitase announced that a high-definition remake of "Final Fantasy" VII would be costly and that it would take the company more time rather than making FFXIII, which took them 5 years before the former was released.

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