The Next Subaru Imprezza Is Rumored To Be A Hybrid

An Australian report points out that the next Subaru Impreza will be a hybrid vehicle. It indicates that the car's transformation is part of the Subaru Global Platform.

According to an Australian website, Fuji Heavy Industries car manufacturing division Subaru will be joining the ranks of carmakers that are turning to electric vehicles to boost vehicle efficiency and performance. With the electric car shift, the next WRX STI installment will be designed on a new modular manner known as the Subaru Global Platform. The new platform will be sharing the four-door and the five-door versions of the Impreza.

Astoundingly, the rally-bred Subaru Impreza could implement a hybrid drivetrain that is made up of a 2 liter flat-four turbocharged engine with an addition of an electric motor. However, the carmaker has not decided in terms of how far it will be pushing the hybrid technology.

The Impreza's electric motor could simply be helping the spin on all four wheels, or maybe the electric motor will be mounted at the vehicle's rear to spin its rear wheels. Nevertheless, the car's drivetrain comprised a dual-clutch six-speed transmission. In addition, the car is tuned to generate 321 horsepower, roughly an additional 20 horsepower increase over its predecessor. Whether or not a manual transmission will be offered as an option for car enthusiasts is still undisclosed.

The Subaru WRX STI has never been intended to be a car for motorists who want to keep a low profile, and the global platform is not about to break the Impreza's tradition. It is a standout in comparison to its predecessor because of its motorsport-inspired style like its deep front bumper, carbon-fiber pieces, over-sized spoilers on its trunk, flared fenders on its corners and a massive air diffuser.

The hybrid car has already been previewed at the Los Angeles Auto Show and the Tokyo Motor Show this year, but its major debut will be at an auto show in North America and is expected to hit showrooms in the summer of 2017. With a time table disclosed, it would not be a surprise to see a hybrid Impreza go on sale in 2018.

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