China To Replace Human Workforce With Robots

Mainland China is developing robots for its work sectors to replace human services for the future. From industrial sectors to social needs, it is the push of the country to modernize growth and labor along with promoting smart innovations and manufacturing.

Human-like robots are being developed by China for both the industrial and social service sectors. From bartenders, house cleaners and caregivers for the elderly, the emerging nuts and bolts technology's possibilities are endless. This was made obvious at the Beijing World Robot Conference where queues of human-like robots were showcased.

At the World Robot Conference in China, people gathered to see the latest developments in the robotic industry. From senior citizens to children alike, they had plenty to grip with their imagination coming to reality. Travelers from all over the world went to the robot exhibitions like an old man surnamed Ge, a 60-year-old, who traveled more than 2 hours to get there just to see if maybe there are health care robots that would be taking care of him in the future. Visitors of the exhibition were impressed by robots that functioned as musicians, teachers, badminton players, bartenders, waitresses and even explosive specialists.

Geminoid F, a sexy Asian woman replica, charmed everyone at the conference. This human-like robot can sing, talk, move her eyes, make facial expressions and even recognize bodily gestures.

In a push to revolutionize industry, China has identified robots as an area of major growth due to shortage in laborers, and rising wages affect Chinese industries. Once a country of human laborers, the country is developing robot counterparts for its human workforce to operate in realms related to social services like caring for old people and daily life like bartenders and waitresses.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has given his warm regards to the robot exhibition, which is rare for an industrial event. It is made known that industrial robots are the arms of a national policy that promotes smart manufacturing and tech innovations that will guide China's 5 year plan for economic development.

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