Electric Bus Plays Christmas Music

Volvo's electric buses have been scattered all over Gothenburg used by Sweden's citizens to travel from point to point. As the holiday season approaches, ElectriCity's Route 55 electric bus plays Christmas songs and is illuminated with Christmas lights.

The ongoing electric bus pilot program by Volvo and ElectriCity in Gothenburg has turned its Route 55 buses into Christmas buses. The electric buses have been ornamented with Christmas themes and decorations along with obvious Christmas lights. In addition, the bus also plays Christmas music as it drives down Avenyn and Ostra Hamngatan in the city's center.

The electric bus primarily runs on weekdays. The Christmas promotion idea trails a successful acoustic onboard concert promoted by ElectriCity this year. The surprise concerts that happened on the bus last September was organized by Zara Larsson and Seinabo Sey. Apparently, a commuter uploaded a video of the surprise concert on YouTube that caught the public's attention not only in Sweden but all over the world with 2.6 million hits on YouTube and Facebook.

The previous campaign known as Silent Bus Sessions was a promotion that highlighted the quietness of electric vehicles. Volvo Public Relations Manager Helena Lind states that the company wants to utilize Holiday Seasons' shows to highlight electric buses in a fun way that allows the buses to produce pleasant sounds rather than noise coming from traditional buses.

Vasttrafik Managing Director Lars Backstrom added that one way a person can look at ElectriCity's electric Christmas bus is like a big mobile Christmas card. Volvo and ElectriCity are utilizing this chance to send Christmas greetings to the citizens of Gothenburg. It also allows both companies to spotlight a successful business venture where sustainability and innovation combine to make an eye-catching way of public transportation.

The ElectriCity program in partnership with Volvo is a project to test electric buses in Gothenburg's urban areas. The project utilizes three all-electric buses that are powered up by Sweden's renewable energy sources.

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