Hamwells Shower Saves Energy And Water

Hamwells e-showers filters heat and circulates water up to seven times during daily showers. It can pump out 15 liters of water per minute like a low-flow shower head but saves up to 90 percent of water and 80 percent of energy.

People encounter a lot of problems with different energy-saving products from LED bulbs to heating showers as they habitually deliver miserable experiences. A company based in the Netherlands that goes by the name Hamwells reinvents the usual showering experience as they offer e-showers that filter and purify the water used in showering.

The Hamwells e-shower offers refresh cycles that allow water to recirculate up to seven times. It also enables its users to save up to 90 percent of water usage and 80 percent of energy consumption. Because nothing can compare to a good old showering experience, the e-showers mimic it as it can pump out up to 15 liters of water per minute on its shower head. This is five times as much as a low-flowing shower head could do. And because the water is recirculating, it only consumes a fraction of the energy and water intake.

The key to the success of Hamwells' version of e-showers in comparison to other rivals out in the market is that the e-showers are not just designed for sustainability but also for luxury and comfort. A person can stay under the shower as long as he likes without the guilt feeling of using up too much electricity and water.

A traditional 10 minute shower requires 100 liters of water. This daily activity uses resources only once before it goes down the drain. This daily human habit is unsustainable as droughts and water shortages are on the rise worldwide.

People wanted to make their homes energy-neutral and all-electric in order to join the fight against climate change and a worldwide drive towards decarbonization and sustainability, but Hamwells discovers that houses and hotels are sized upon traditional shower demands.

The sustainability factor for the e-showers are a good reason, but the smart home showers are intended to sell on the luxury category. It is priced around $3,190, which is a good thing as the design is very clever and the benefits are great.

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