The 911 Solo Is Porsche's Future Hypercar

A graduate from the Applied Arts and Design Institute has designed a concept car for Porsche. Dubbed as the 911 Solo, this could be the Germans' hypercar in the future.

Over the past 50 years, German automobile manufacturer Porsche AG has done a great job with its 911. From its road car origins, the Germans have transformed the car into a flawless racing machine. However, there are some criticisms that all seven generations of the rear-engined sports car looked similar, and IAAD graduate Khashayar Jenabi agrees with it.

Jenabi has managed to design a car based on the 911 that could possibly be the most extreme look of what the car could be. Known as the 911 Solo, this car concept pushes the limits of the Porsche's legacy to unknown territories. As a matter of fact, the concept car is inspired by the Porsche 935 flat-nosed racing car.

The flat-nosed 935 was part of the legendary 'Moby Dick' racers that jeered sports prototypes along the Le Mans 24 Hours endurance race at the Mulsanne Straight. Like the 935, the 911 Solo has squared-off fenders at its rear with a diffuser integrated into the back bumper. In addition, air vents are found on the concept car's rear deck lid to help cool down a potential six-flat engine.

A noteworthy characteristic of the concept car is a center-mounted single seat, which is the 'solo' part of the car concept's tag. Other features include aerodynamic flaps on the rear fenders that pop out to aid car stability during brakes and the futuristic headlamps that form an essential part of the car's front bumper.

Given the awesomeness of the Solo car concept, it is not a surprise that Porsche chose this design study in collaboration with Jenabi and other IAAD students to be brought to reality in a form of a scale model. However, this will be the closest that the concept car could ever be of being a production model.

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