Ibuprofen Patches Take Away Body Pains

By Paul Pajarillo , Dec 10, 2015 10:06 PM EST

England's University of Warwick spin-off company Medherant has designed a skin patch that helps eliminate bodily pain. The ibuprofen patch is said to deliver 12 hours of pain relief that works on human skin.

Human pain relief options have just become broader, all thanks to the coming of a newly designed skin patch that takes pain away. The universal painkiller ibuprofen now comes in an adhesive patch that channels medication directly through human skin.

For people having a hard time swallowing pain killers or people who forget to take their pain relief medicines often, this would be the option. The ibuprofen skin patch delivers pain relief up to 12 hours, making it the easiest and fastest pain relief solution yet to be tried and tested.

The new development comes from a spin-off company known as Medherant that roots from England's University of Warwick. The patch has been designed to deliver high doses of ibuprofen consistently directly through the human integumentary system.

Skin patches are nothing new to the medical industry. Nicotine and motion sickness patches have been around in the industry for quite some time, but this is the first time a pain reliever has used skin patches to channel medication.

Attempts at making pain-relieving gels have run into drug dosage concerns, but researchers say that the ibuprofen patch opens the way to provide a range of long-acting OTC painkiller products. Potential suggestions for treatment using the patch includes medical conditions like arthritis, neuralgia and chronic back pain. It is believed that the new medical technology will eliminate the need to take damaging dosages of painkillers orally. It is also believed that the concentrate dosage coming from the ibuprofen patch can by 5 to 10 times stronger compared to other pain-killing drugs and gels in which patients can garner fast and substantial relief upon usage.

Unlike makeshift painkillers like hot and icy skin patches, the ibuprofen patch contains pain relief agents that get rid of bodily pains quickly. Although not available for some time, the patch will be providing better pain relief for patients, enhancing safe drug dosages and delivering amplified effectiveness that will lead benefits in the future to healthcare needs.

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