Qube Bids Cheap LED Smart Lightbulbs

The Qube is a kind of stand-alone smart LED lightbulbs that cost less than half in comparison to other smart LED bulbs. A bulb only costs $19 and has a lifespan of up to 27 years.

One of the striking points in adapting to smart home accessories is its relatively high prices, but one company is offering a high-tech low-priced solution for smart lighting. It is in the form of a stand-alone LED smart bulb that has a cheap price compared to what is charged by its competition out in the market.

The Qube smart LED bulb is designed to fit any standard bulb socket. It could be positioned as a novice smart home device as it does not require added hardware to use it other than the app that accompanies it. The smart bulb has a unique Bluetooth-based function. It offers 16 million colors with a 27-year life expectancy for a price tag of $19 per bulb.

Qube founder and vice president Joo Siong states that the company recognizes that existing solutions for smart bulbs are expensive for consumers to utilize the full potential of smart lighting systems especially when they need two or more smart bulbs to see the results. The company plans to disrupt the smart bulb industry by offering a smart and affordable bulb to society.

With Wi-Fi connectivity on Qube, the bulb does not need a separate home hub. Instead, it connects directly through a Wi-Fi router. The router enables the smart bulb to be controlled remotely through the accompanying app whether the owner is on another room or another country.

The same Wi-Fi connection allows multiple Qube bulbs to communicate with one another as bulb settings can be accessed through iOS or Android apps as well as laptops or desktops in all OS platforms through a web browser.

Qube helps homeowners to go "green" by tracking bulb usage patterns and enabling automation for dimming or turning off lights when no one is home. It also features a schedule system that turns lights on and off on specific times. It also analyzes usage patterns for possible energy saving measures and helps eliminate electrical waste and minimize costs on monthly bills of electricity. The company is on a successful campaign with Indiegogo and is expected to be out for public consumption in June 2016.

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