An Ambitious Climate Action Plan By Sen. Bernie Sanders

American Politician Bernard Sanders publicized an ambitious plan to fight against climate change. His plot is to reduce carbon emissions by 80 percent before 2050.

Presidential aspirant Senator Bernard Sanders from Vermont recently disclosed a wide-ranging strategy that makes his stand crystal clear on climate change and energy policies. He indicted the billionaire fossil fuel lobby of being divergent and responsible to limit carbon emission actions as he compares this to the United States tobacco industry that fought anti-smoking programs for over 50 years.

Senator Sanders stated that as an alternative of appealing on the matter in good faith and allowing democracy to play out, lobbyist and executives from the coal industry, companies from oil and gas have obstructed each and every effort to make developments on climate change and slapped unprecedented sums of money to US officials to buy out their allegiance.

The senator also stressed that climate change is the single greatest menace that faces planet Earth. His ambitious plan is to seek and reduce carbon pollution and emissions by 80 percent before year 2050.

The Vermont Senator's plan calls for an end to offshore and arctic drilling, stop exports of crude oil and liquefied natural gas, ban fracking of natural gas, and a moratorium on license renewals for nuclear power plants in the U.S. The plan also calls to end the direct and indirect subsidies given every year to fossil fuel industries.

The senator's plan calls for significant ventures on renewable and clean energy sources like hydro, wind, geothermal and solar energy. In addition, his plan seeks to increase fuel economy standards for vehicles, construct charging stations for electric vehicles, capitalize in high-speed railway systems, and make the streets of the United States walkable again. Also, the plan seeks to create 10 million jobs for workers in America.

The timing for the Senator's announcement could not have been better as world leaders gathered in France for the Climate Change Summit, discussing options to fight the effects of global warming. In a race for the 2016 United States Presidential Elections, Senator Sander's proposals are the most far-reaching in comparison to all other candidates.

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