Tinder's Robot Helps People Find Love

New York University graduate, Nicole He, has designed a robot that can help people find love. Now known as the True Love Tinder Robot, the machine reads a person's skin response to measure broad reactions of emotional thoughts.

Tinder is a location-based mobile dating app which is a good way of automating dates. However, it still requires a little thinking. Better off, just remove any conscious decisions from the process and let a gut feeling decide on which person to spend the whole life with. If that fails, a person could trust their sweaty hands as an alternative.

Sweaty skin is the concept behind Tinder's True Love Robot. This machine can read changes in a person's skin response. In layman's term, it conducts electricity on a person's skin that changes when they are sweating. Therefore, swiping yes or no is the basis of this response.

NYU graduate student of Interactive Telecommunications Nicole He invented the True Love Tinder Robot. Her robot guarantees to find true love for people. Nicole states that the idea for the robot came to her on a dream. An Arduino minicomputer, codes, a box, a speaker, and a bunch of wires makes up the robot, along with some servos for its hands.

Nicole writes on her blog that the lines she wrote for the robot were an effort to give it a sense of character, even for little interaction. Although a galvanic skin response is a notorious and imprecise way of measuring human feelings, Scientologists use this method for spiritual counseling as well as the police for lie detection tests.

However, a robot measuring a broad skin reaction may not necessarily be tied up to human specific thoughts or emotions. Nicole may already know about this, but in a brief question and answer portion on her blog, her answer to the question that if the method used by the robot is scientific, she replied that it is no doubt 100 percent absolute.

In addition, a portal video game series known as GLaDOS was the inspiration behind the robot's calm and charming voice. The machine offers instructions and advice like "gauge" this person and determine the "value" of this person.

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