Rumored Hyperloop Transport System To Be Built In Las Vegas

Rumors have it that Northern Las Vegas will be a test site with a half-mile long track for a Hyperloop vehicle. This idea was from Tesla's Elon Musk promoting a healthy competition between Hyperloop Technologies and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies.

The state of Nevada is rapidly becoming the new site for technological advancements. In the northern desert of Reno, Tesla will be building its Gigafactory. Somewhere in Northern Las Vegas, Faraday Future has made a $1 billion investment for its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. And most recently, rumors are spreading that the construction of a half-mile long test track to determine Elon Musk's concept is just sci-fi or a basis for an all-new transportation means in the future will also be somewhere in Northern Las Vegas.

To clear things up, the original concept came from Tesla's Elon Musk. Although he is not involved directly in the project, he is promoting a healthy competition between two companies that are trying to find out if Musk's concept is viable commercially. The companies concerned are travel for commerce company Hyperloop Technologies and a company that eliminates travel complications known as Hyperloop Transport Technologies.

The Russian Times documented that Hyperloop technologies or HT will be constructing its facility in Mountain View Industrial Park, near Faraday Future's North Las Vegas factory. HT has already raised $37 million from project investors and expects another $80 million by selling bonds. Meanwhile, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies or HTT will be constructing its testing facility in Los Angeles.

The Hyperloop technology is like a vacuum tube system. The vehicle will be travelling in a partial vacuum inside a tunnel. Less aerodynamic drag means less air inside. In addition to linear electric motors and magnetic levitation technology, the system can transport cargo and people over long distances in less than the speed of sound.

Director of Transport Engineering at the University of Southern California, James E. Moore II, stated that there are some issues that need answers regarding Hyperloop transport, like comfort and safety aspects of the travel. The vehicles that travel through the tube would have to maintain a partial vacuum as it travels hundreds of miles in order not to crash.

Moreover, magnetic levitation depends on critical tolerances between the propulsion system and the vehicle. It is also a big concern if the tube can stay properly aligned, especially if the system is in a state that features the San Andreas Fault line.

One thing is for sure, there will be no sight-seeing as the vehicles will not have windows, no central aisles, and the tube will be as narrow as possible to keep aerodynamic drag at minimum. There would be no food and drinks during travels, and no bathroom breaks either.

However, it seems like it still cannot replace the way people travel anytime soon. But when it does, breaks and snacks are not necessary as the transport system will cut people's travel time to where they want to go, or if they are in a hurry.

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