Woodland NC Rejects Solar Farm Project

A small town in North Carolina has rejected Strata Solar Company's proposal to build a solar farm in their area. This is due to fears that solar panels suck up the sun's energy leading to death of trees and plants and causing cancer to people.

Woodland, a small town in North Carolina, has declined a proposed solar farm project amidst worries of cancer to its citizens, death of plants and trees, and solar panels sucking up all the energy coming from the sun. The small town consisting of around 800 people not only rejected the Strata Solar Company's proposal to build a solar farm, but also voted a complete suspension on other solar projects that concerns the town.

This story may not seem as the most newsworthy of all that is happening regarding climate change adaptations, but the concerns raised by the attendees during the meeting about the proposal had a major impact on a vote not to venture on renewable energy sources.

Local native and retired Northampton science professor, Jane Mann, raised her concerns that solar farms and panels alike were drawing sunlight away from trees and plants nearby. A personal investigation she conducted on her own resulted in a discovery that plants were not getting enough sunlight because solar farms exist.

In addition, she commented by questioning the high statistics of deaths due to cancer in areas with solar farms. She exclaimed that no one could say that solar panels do not cause cancer. She also added that companies like Strata come with hidden agendas, and the government should not sign any contract unless they find anything that does not damage the community.

Jane's husband, Bobby Mann, also raised concerns about solar farms sucking up all the sun's energy, and that businesses would not come to Woodland because of the concerns raised by his wife. It is relatively unclear whether the two thoughts are alike.

In attendance to the meeting regarding the project were several representatives from Strata Solar Company. Strata project manager, Brent Niemann, assured the townspeople that the solar panels do not draw sunlight away from plantation and there are no toxic materials to be used on building the solar farm project.

However, the mayor called for a vote, and it is 3-to-1 which is against the project. Hence, the rejection of the said project.

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