TableAir Permits Auto Desk Height Alteration

By Paul Pajarillo , Dec 17, 2015 09:15 AM EST

Evolving furniture technology company, TableAir, has designed a motorized height-variable desk that uses sensors to adjust its position. The standing desk tech's surface is adjustable from 25 inches up to 51 inches in height.

It seems like the trend of standing desks are here for good, and innovations like TableAir is the cream of the crop of the adaptable desk technology.

TableAir uses a motor to adjust desk height variables with precision sensors so that it can adjust to a user's desired position. To adjust it, the user should simply put their hands on their level of preference and the desk will rise to meet their demands. In an event where the user gets tired while working, just hold down the button to lower it, and release the button as soon as the desk's user gets ready to relax and sit down for a while.

The surface of the TableAir features an all-in-one sleek button and sensor, which is the key to the height adjustment of the desk. A single touch activates the elevate function and the motorized system climbs to the user's outstretched hand's height. To lower the surface, the user needs to hold their fingers on the sensor and the desk will begin to go down. As soon as the user breaks contact with the sensor, the desk will stop adjusting. The surface is completely adjustable from 25 inches to 51 inches in height.

An integrated TableAir smartphone app permits a user to adjust the desk remotely. If a user is not hooked up on outstretching their hands to adjust height preference, they can simply use the app instead. The LED lights that surround the desk surface's edges can also be customized through the integrated smartphone app. In addition, the TableAir integrated smartphone app displays real-time metrics like health benefits when working on a standing desk and the number of calories the TableAir's user has burned up while working.

The TableAir also features two universal serial bus ports and two alternating current ports in a discreet panel. It comes in four color schemes, from finer wood surfaces to black and glossy white. It has a price tag of US$2,500 for the black and white surfaces, and US$3,000 for American Cherry and Dark Walnut wood surfaces.

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