The Rinspeed Budii Is Designed Like A Friend On Wheels

Swiss automobile tuning designer and manufacturer, Rinspeed, has designed a concept vehicle inspired by BMW's i3. The Budii concept is an autonomous vehicle that communicates with its surroundings to prevent road accidents.

Rinspeed has made a bold statement last year that its vision of future driving will be auto navigation installed on vehicles. In addition, not only will vehicles take its owners from points A to B, but it will also be their home or office extension. The Swiss motor company is taking the concept to a whole new level. They were able to manufacture a vehicle dubbed as a "friend" on wheels known as the Budii.

The company has unveiled its Budii concept vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show last March 2015, but released teasers showcasing the vehicle just recently. It looks like it got some inspiration from a BMW i3. It also has a fully autonomous system installed plus the ability to communicate with surrounding vehicles or pedestrians.

In addition, the vehicle can adapt to the owner's inclinations and practices. However, the company is yet to unveil what exactly the Budii will bring about.

Like most manufacturers in the automotive industry, Rinspeed sees autonomous cars as the best solution to eradicate accidents on the road. However, the company prefers to let the owner take control of the vehicle whenever they want to rather than removing the driver's ability to control the vehicle.

Budii's steering wheel features a robotic arm that permits either the passenger or the driver to take control of the vehicle. If neither driver nor passenger would like to steer, the steering controls are found in the center of Budii's dashboard.

Rinspeed founder Frank Rinderknecht stated that self-driving vehicles undoubtedly propose an opportunity to diminish the drawbacks of transportation. Transitioning from accustomed to autonomous driving will be taking place.

Consequently, humans and machines still have a few more years left to get used to this kind of technology in the automotive industry, with different interchanges that will entail between man and machine.

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