Japan May Be Building A Futuristic Olympic Stadium For 2020

The Japanese Sport Council has released two unusual designs for a planned Olympic stadium in Tokyo for 2020. The proposed stadiums may look futuristic, but will be getting its materials from renewable sources.

Japan's Sport Council has finally chosen a new design after years of controversy for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. The design could be a model to other cities that would host the prestigious games as it would be sensitive to the surroundings. It may also be a bit smaller than the usual, and relatively low-priced.

More than two years have passed since Japanese architects revolted against a new Olympic arena planned for the Tokyo Games in 2020. The team of high-profiled designers called the previous stadium oversized, ridiculous, and expensive than Tokyo could handle. This catalyzed city locals made a stand against the proposed arena that ultimately led to abandon what would have cost around US$2 billion.

After a few months have passed, the Japanese government staged a competition for a new stadium design. According to Japan Times, the government has released two anonymous frontrunners for the said competition. The details are unknown about the nameless proposals, but it seems that the design is pretty much radical in comparison to any contemporary stadiums the Olympic Games have used.

Both designs will be using renewable resources like wood which are rarely found in Olympic stadiums. These designs incline to less overbearing buildings and its integration to its surroundings. Proposal A is a low-slung building, and proposal B is a sunken building, as published by Japan Today. Proposal B is only 50 meters in height and buried into the ground. It is also camouflaged by plantings along its façade.

Stage designs are often released once selected, but the sport council of Japan released two designs in advance before they make a final choice. Neither stadiums are cheap in design, but they are half as costly as the first opted out proposal.

Indeed, this is unusual in world stadium development, although being transparent about it establishes sporting events.

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