Classic Recreations Gives EcoBoost Options For Shelby Mustangs

Auto repair company, Classic Recreations, will be continuing to build licensed Shelby Mustangs with modern technology. Besides up-to-date mechanics, the shop gives an EcoBoost options for old and new Ford Mustangs under the Shelby name.

Oklahoma-based automotive restorations company,Classic Recreations, is in the business of building and restoring old and new Ford-Shelby Mustangs with up-to-the-minute mechanics. Some of the cars include 1966 Shelby GT350CR Mustang Fastback and the 'Eleanor' car from the Nicholas Cage movie Gone in 60 seconds.

Although Mustang fanatics in the United States prefer their cars to have a huge and bulky V-8 engine, inclinations are diverse in the market where oil prices are higher. This is why Classic Recreations offer its customers some of Ford Motors' down-sized oil-friendly EcoBoost engines. These include a 3.5-liter V-6 EcoBoost engine for international markets and a four-cylinder 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine specifically made for the Chinese market.

Classic Recreations owner, Jason Engel, stated that for years, the company have proudly hand-built officially licensed Shelby Mustang continuation cars all over the world. However, this does not mean that the company is at bay with the past. The company's clients come from around the globe and expects only the best and wants the looks of a classic Shelby car with the reliability and performance of a modern sports car.

The stock V-6 engine comes with a 365 horsepower, all thanks to a turbocharging twin system. However, the company says that it is upgradeable to more than 600 horsepower if modified with a larger set of turbochargers. On the other hand, the four-cylinder EcoBoost engine can also be found in the Focus ST. In addition, the company said that instead of a 252 horsepower stock, they can offer up to 300 horsepower with proper engine modifications.

Classic Recreations stated that the EcoBoost engines are much lighter and gives the car a more agile feel as well as being fuel-efficient in comparison to the traditional V-8 options. Another benefit is that most Ford dealerships can offer their services to EcoBoost engines since Ford's regular lineup of vehicles offers them.

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