Samsung Launches New Fitness Chip

With the holiday season coming to an end and majority of the populace making full use of their fitness trackers to regain their shapes, Samsung has taken this time to take off the wraps off their first all-in-one advanced Bio-Processor. It features several fitness-specific control units so that it could be marketed at upcoming devices designed for fitness and health tracking.

According to reports, Samsung's new Bio-Processor will likely improve tracker's reliability as it can remove the need for external processing, thereby pushing all the data gathered in real time to deliver more accurate results.

"With improvements in smart, fitness devices and an increase in consumer health consciousness, more and more people are looking for ways to monitor various personal bio-data, or fitness data, to constantly manage their health," says Ben K. Hur, Samsung Electronics' Vice President of Marketing, System LSI business.

The new Bio-Processor is also the industry's very first all-in-one health solution, claims Samsung. Reports show that this will be able to assist the process of bio-signals and chipset measures without the need for other external processing parts.

Furthermore, reports stated that the South Korean tech giant has designed the Bio-Processor to integrate five AFE such as BIA, PPG, ECG, skin temperature, and galvanic skin response (GSR) all into one singular chip solution that can measure body fat, the mass of a skeletal muscle, heart rate, heart rhythm and stress levels.

The Bio-Processor is specifically made for health based wearables like the ones made by Fitbit. Furthermore, this new development will most likely be taken as a great news for fitness aficionados and active people who want to track their progress accurately.

Samsung also said that the Bio-Processor is already being mass produced. Expected in devices early next year, this would likely be the second generation of the company's Gear S2.

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