FCC Documents Show Google Glass For The Enterprise

By Jan David Perianes , Dec 30, 2015 10:21 PM EST

The Google Glass Explorer project may have been gone and all, but the concept itself is still very much alive. Now under Nest CEO Tony Fadell's management, Google Glass has surfaced in a recently published FCC filing, giving a closer glimpse of what the rebirth of the eyeglass computer looks like.

According to the filing by the American Federal Communications Commission, the first photos of the redesigned Google Glass have emerged, showing a foldable glass prism that holds a larger screen. Based on the images, the new wearable doesn't have a nose bridge anymore. Also, it does not fully wrap around the wearer's face.

However, the new wearable still isn't made official by Google, despite the fact that it has been public knowledge a couple of months ago that the Google Glass will be a target at the enterprise.

Rumors have also suggested that the rebirth of the Google Glass will feature waterproofing as well as hard-wearing. Moreover, it comes with several expected upgrades such as better Wi-Fi connectivity, faster processors, an improved camera and a longer battery life.

The last official statement that the search engine giant made was that Google Glass was "graduating" from its experimental phase in the company's X division, helmed by none other than Tony Fadell, who is also known as the creator of the iPod and the head of thermostat start-up Nest.

Further reports also suggest that the relaunch could also be followed by a new consumer version at a later date. But for now, the new wearable will be directed at the enterprise and business customers that can benefit from having a hands-free head-mounted display.

9to5Google citing sources said that the new wearable is already in the hands of "hundreds" of users across Glass for Work startups and in the field. Google, however, still hasn't made it official as of yet.

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