Phablets Reign Supreme In The Holidays For Android

Samsung heralded bigger displays on smartphones when they unleashed their Galaxy Note series and flagships. Then it had become the standard, since majority of handsets fall in the 5-inch category to offer the sweet spot of portability and screen real estate. Today, users now prefer bigger screens, also known as phablets, to fill them in with their multimedia needs whenever they are on the go. A clear sign of it is a new report brought by analytics firm Flurry, indicating that there are more Android phablets activated than any other smartphones running Google's operating system over the holidays.

According to a new report by the firm, about 50 percent of Android composed of the total activations over the holidays. However, the report did not specify which screen sizes fall in the Android phablet category, but it's safe to assume that these are devices that feature 5.5 inches of display and above.

Furthermore, while the report serves as a clear sign that more and more people are looking into bigger devices, it doesn't really come off as too much of a surprise for anyone that stay tuned in the mobility scene during the past couple of years.

The same onslaught from Android phablets have also forced Apple's hand into designing a bigger iPhone, going against the late Steve Jobs' mantra of keeping the company's line of iPhones relatively small to begin with.

Moreover, in the span of two years, manufacturers were not successful in building smaller devices with a similar sheet found in bigger devices, save for Sony's line of compact flagships and OnePlus' X, also known as the OnePlus Mini. This would also mean that customers who only want smaller, more compact devices have relatively few options when it comes to Android handsets.

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