Apple Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Poor iOS9 Performance On iPhone 4S

Apple's iOS 9, the latest generation of the company's mobile operating system, promised to deliver more performance and key upgrades for the company's line of iPhones, iPods and iPads. The update is compatible with older models of iPhones such as the iPhone 4S, but it rendered the device unusable upon updating to the latest OS. Now, Apple is facing a class action lawsuit and accused of deceptive trade practices, as well as false advertising due to iOS 9's compatibility list that included the iPhone 4S.

According to reports, iOS 9 "significantly interferes" with how the iPhone 4S performs. Now, Apple strictly allowing users to downgrade their iPhones to older versions of the operating system is wrong.

The lawsuit, backed by more than a hundred members, stated that the iPhone 4S was unusable when users had updated to iOS 9. According to its members, the update hindered the app performance for both Apple's and third party developers' apps.

In addition, even the device performance itself and the touchscreen responsiveness suffered as well. Other members also claimed that they were experiencing freezes and crashes when they went with the update.

Moreover, the actual performance of the iPhone 4S was just the tip of the iceberg. The lawsuit asserts that Cupertino was already aware of the effects of the iOS 9 update on the iPhone 4S after "internal testing and/or through other means."

And yet, Apple went through and pushed with the update, even advertising it to deliver increased performance as well as battery life improvements should the users opt to upgrade to iOS 9. Apple should have at least informed iPhone 4S users about the potential issues that were present with the update, the plaintiffs argue.

The suit goes further on to argue that because of Apple's ecosystem, users will most likely buy a new iOS device that go and switch to the competition due to non-transferable content in their devices, therefore tying them to Apple. The plaintiffs are now seeking over US$5 million in damages.

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