Get A Dragonsphere Game For Free Before 2016

Good Old Games announced that the Dragonsphere game will no longer be available for free by Jan. 1, 2016. This is because of the new game publisher's agreements.

Old video games give a nostalgic feel when they are re-released. It is even better when they made those games from the past available for free. Dragonsphere, an old point-and-click role-playing game on the Good Old Games website, will no longer be free by 2016 due to new publisher agreements.

Dragonsphere has been available for free for a while now on the Good Old Games website. With the announcement made by GOG Ltd., this game and other games as well will still be available for years, but now comes with a price so gamers can download and play with it.

For gamers who are not familiar with Dragonsphere, it is a point-and click role-playing adventure game designed by Microprose, a game publisher and developer known for games like Civilization and other games based on simulations. The game will still be available in 2016, but now comes with a download price tag of US$5.99.

Good Old Games warned players that by the start of 2016, Dragonsphere will no longer be a free game on website due to the new publisher agreements. If players have not yet grabbed a copy, make sure to do so before the start of 2016.

The Dragonsphere information shadows the revelation that GOG will be removing all Duke Nukem games in their website at the beginning of the New Year. However, GOG is discussing with the new rights holder to bring the games back as soon as possible. The Duke Nukem games are not free, but gamers can get it at a cheap price of US$2.36.

Only a few people these days would really be into the original game platforms of the Duke Nukem series, but there has always been the love for Duke 3D. On the other hand, Dragonsphere has always been under a gamer's radar. Gamers can add it into a GOG account without downloading for now, since the game is small enough to quickly download it.

This game isn't the cleanest point-and-click RPG adventure game from its era, but old school gamers would really love and appreciate it.

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