Samsung To Showcase Its Secret Lab At CES 2016

With the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 only a few weeks away, manufacturers and developers are now more than eager to show off their innovative products, both software and hardware advancements alike. Apparently, South Korean tech giant Samsung is not one to miss on the event, as the company plans on showing off for the first ever a selection of its devices hailing from its very own Creative Lab, otherwise known as C-Lab.

Samsung's Creative Lab is a startup incubator inside the company that is looking to develop its employees' product ideas. The three devices set to unveil at CES 2016 are the WELT, a smart belt that can track the wearer's waist size as well as activity; the rink, a motion controller designed for Virtual Reality devices; and TipTalk, which is a product that allows people to listen to audio straight from their smartwatches by just connecting their fingers to their ears.

To provide more details, Samsung has outlined the specifications and purposes of each product in a press release. First, the WELT is a smart, wearable healthcare belt that normally appears as a belt would, thus providing users with a discreet way of using a belt while getting the most innovative features, such as its smart sensor technology that records the user's waist size, eating habits, steps taken, and the time spent sitting down.

The rink is an advanced motion controller designed for mobile VR devices to offer a more creative and refined way of interacting with the virtual environment. To put it simply, it's set to provide users the ability to control the content or the game itself using their hands to further immerse them in Virtual Reality.

Meanwhile, the TipTalk is a new UX that allows people to listen to sounds from their smart devices, such as the company's Gear S2, even without headsets just by simply touching their finger to the ear, thus enhancing the call's quality even when they are in public places.

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