Fluxo Wants To Be The First Truly Smart Lamp

The modern light system the world has today is quite basic--it has a switch to be flipped should anyone need it turned off, while others have it in different levels of dimness and brightness. There are also connected bulbs that feature additional settings such as wireless connectivity, smartphone control and whatnot, and there are also some that can double as speakers.

One smart bulb, however, wants to take things up a level by being different. Meet Fluxo, a smart lamp that sets the perfect lighting conditions depending on the user's needs.

Fluxo at first glance is quite simplistic--it looks like a basic round pendant lamp to the unsuspecting. However, it also comes with a downloadable app available for both iOS and Android devices with Bluetooth LE that lets users set it so that only particular areas of the circular light are turned on. Users can light up one side of the room while keeping the other dim at command. It also comes in different modes that are even useful for parties and so forth.

According to the design firm responsible for Fluxo, the device is a single LED light fixture. However, instead of using bulbs, the entirety of Fluxo is made out of a single round LED light source that is attached to the ceiling.

Inside the device, there are 300 white and colored LED lights that can be switched on and off to optimize the lighting conditions on specific areas of a room. Not only that, but at maximum output Fluxo can easily light up the room brightly similar to how a 200-watt light bulb can operate.

Fluxo's Kickstarter campaign has already gone over six times of its pledge goal of €50,000 with €339,747 at the time of writing. There are still seven days to go, so interested backers can still pledge should they want to support the device.

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