LG Makes A Breakthrough With Rollable 18-Inch Display

South Korean tech giant LG at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 unveiled a prototype 18-inch flexible display that can be rolled up like a newspaper. The new display technology is an upgrade to the company's OLED technology that focuses on flexible, rollable and curved display.

The company's new prototype can easily be rolled up and carried around. Reports furthermore suggest that the display features a full HD resolution. LG put up an 18-inch display for testing, but the company also said that they are aiming to go for 55-inch flexible displays and beyond, according to reports.

The O in OLED stands for organic, and it eliminates the need for a back panel that provides light to the screen so that it could bend. According to reports, LG says it's the ideal solution in making displays, and it's also for consumers that want to save more space.

LG last year had showed off a sample panel as a proof that the concept is indeed in development, and it had its plans to launch a 60-inch rollable panel by 2017. However, the company had kept silent on the development of the technology, but it seems that the South Korean electronics manufacturer has made the improvements to showcase it on the show floor at this year's CES.

Based on information posted last year, this type of rollable display panel uses high molecular substance-based polymide film as the backplane of the display instead of the conventional standard plastic in order to achieve its flexibility. The polymide film also contributed to reducing the thickness of the panel to improve its flexibility by a significant amount.

The company, however, did not discuss how much the new flexible OLED panel would cost, or if it would even be sold to consumers at all. At this time, the company appears to be busy in the prototype stages of the technology itself to improve it further.

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