The Livestream Movi Is A Pocketable Multi-Camera Setup

Starting filmmakers and budding YouTube artists would probably need a professional camera in order to shoot the best videos. It doesn't stop there, however. Most professionally shot videos are shot in multiple angles, requiring everyone to have a multiple camera setup should they wish to go for creative shoots. Thankfully, Livestream has announced a new device that allows users to create multi-camera video shoots at the Consumer Electronics Show this year.

Meet the Livestream Movi, a new device that allows users to take videos as if they're capturing an event from multiple cameras. It's simple to use--users will only have to put the camera into place and then use their iPhones to edit the videos they shoot. The device will then automatically detect faces and other subjects that users can tap on to cut in between them. Not only that, but users will also be able to manually create whichever point of interest they choose and zoom at their own subjects.

The Livestream Movi is marked as the company's first hardware for the mass market. It's capable of 4K live streaming, and it's meant for people who need something that is more professional and reliable than a simple mobile device such as a smartphone. The Movi measures only 2.5" long and 2" wide, making it a pocketable device for people on the move.

Should users want to take it easy, they can have Movi complete the editing automatically. However, users won't have the perfect control over their videos if they let Movi do the editing, although it is capable of detecting when a subject is speaking or when there are other activities that need to be focused on. Of course, human judgment would more than likely yield better results.

As far as the pricing goes, the Livestream Movi will be carrying a US$399 price tag, and it will be arriving in stores this April.

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