Under Armour Partners With HTC To Create The HealthBox

With fitness technology thriving in the Consumer Electronics Show, even the biggest names in the industry are now hopping on the bandwagon to create their own hardware. As such, Under Armour has seen it fit to partner with HTC and announce a new hardware system that ties in together a fitness tracker, a smart scale and a heart rate chest strap that comes bundled with a smartphone application.

Meet the HealthBox, a new hardware designed by leading smartphone vendor HTC and American sports and accessories maker Under Armour designed for fitness aficionados. The new hardware system also marks the first time both companies have collaborated with each other. However, it's also important to note that both HTC and Under Armour are no strangers in the world of fitness technology.

Included in the system is a UA Band, a fitness tracker that is designed to be worn around the clock. It can measure the user's activity and sleeping patterns, and it also lets anyone set his goals while tracking his progress accordingly. During workouts, the display stays on to provide information. There's also an LED light that shows the user's heart rate when it's paired with the heart rate monitor. The display also goes completely hidden when it's not being used.

There's also a UA Heart Rate in the bundle that detects the user's hear rate during workouts. The chest strap can be detachable so that it doesn't get in the way whenever the user is exercising. Furthermore, it helps provide more accurate calculations in tracking how many calories are burned during workouts. There's even a feature that allows customizations of heart rate zones.

Lastly, the UA Scale, a smart scale, is a round, subtly designed scale that monitors weight and body fat, leading users towards a new goal weight they want to achieve.

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