NASA Helps LG Promote Its 4K TV

NASA and LG Electronics Inc. will be working hand in hand to promote the new Signature OLED 4K Television. This partnership was announced recently at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

LG Electronics will be working with NASA for a marketing strategy to promote a state-of-the-art experience, the new ultra-high-definition OLED TV Signature of LG. While promoting the 4K TV, NASA will be promoting its noncommercial UHD channel for North America.

LG USA Marketing Vice President David VanderWaal states that the agreement of the company with NASA is beneficial at both ends. This partnership was initiated in 2015 when NASA wanted to have its very own ultra-high-definition channel.

Last September, NASA announced its partnership with Harmonic. Harmonic is one of the worldwide leaders in video delivery and will be the one to introduce the space administration's first-ever noncommercial consumer ultra-high-definition channel in the North American region.

VanderWaal added that NASA is aiming to increase the awareness of its brand through LG while the company tries to promote its own merchandise. The contents that NASA is creating include magnificent imageries from outer space. These clips are high-dynamic-range videos shot from deep space by astronauts from the space administration, and Harmonic will be producing it. Conversations and agreements between NASA, Harmonic and LG were all mutual and at the same time beneficial.

NASA always wanted the best technology to promote its new television channel, and LG always wanted to promote the best content. With both ideas, an agreement has been reached. There are no financial benefits between LG and NASA as it would just be like an exchange of assets, VanderWaal added.

This is a very exciting opportunity for both NASA and LG to promote their merchandise. People can expect both firms to promote their goods in store communications and mass advertising. Cable TV providers will be offering NASA's UHD TV. However, it is not said whether or not it would be free or would cost a surcharge.

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