BulBul Apps Raises Funds Through Kickstarter

Crowdfunding site Kickstarter has been helping Tuk-Tuk to raise money for a preschool app known as BulBul. With a goal set at US$2000, the project has reached its target within 25 days.

Tuk-Tuk is a travel application for children. It is a smartphone and tablet app that helps preschoolers discover places while riding on a three-wheeler vehicle. It is a visual and interactive app that uses a story-telling method to capture the children's attention. With over 60 backpackers funding Tuk-Tuk, it went to Hyderabad and made it as a Kickstarter project of BulBul Apps.

Funds that will be coming from Kickstarter will be used to pay the app's writers, illustrators, animators, musicians, voiceover artists, app development, listing and testing. "Tuk-Tuk goes to Mumbai" was launched a month ago by BulBul Apps.

The project has set a goal of US$2000. In 25 days, the project has reached its target with the help of Kickstarter.

Bulbul Apps Founder Prakash Dantuluri stated that their startup company was featured in Kickstarter's "New and Worthy" category. With the project being featured, it got a lot of visibility and attention. International backers got a lot of interest in the app as well. However, this app genre has been ignored by foreign publishers, making it only available in English.

The longevity potential of apps like Tuk-Tuk is very high. It appeals in a compelling way to children ages zero to eight years old, and crowd backers are a testimony to this.

Bulbul Apps gives an opportunity to storytellers to produce content of international quality wherever they might be and provides them access to a tech-based platform, as well as a marketplace that enables the storytellers to be visible in the digital society. The apps under BulBul are nursery rhymes, videos, and interactive stories that offer learning and are COPPA complaint. Stories that are available are folktales, Indian myths, Mowgli and Bulbul, princess stories, Tuk-Tuk travel series and Krishna series. The apps can now be downloaded from Google Play, Apple Store, Windows App Store or directly from www.bulbulapps.com.

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