Segway Unveils Robot Hoverboard At CES

Intel Corporation and Segway Inc. have developed a robot butler, which debuted in the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The robot that can transform into a hoverboard or vice versa can process basic commands through voice recognition and can even stream videos.

CES has been the place where people get a glimpse into the future of technologies for decades now. Since 1967, the trade fair has been where the most innovative companies around the world set up a stand to dazzle its attendees with futuristic technologies and new merchandise. Due to a variety of reasons, the relevance of the CES has substantially diminished over the last 10 years or so. It is even hard to properly put into words the relevance of this iconic trade show these days.

While others still yield a few interesting announcements, the CES in its current state is far more likely to have spectators scratching their heads and picking up their jaws on the floor. This year has been no exception, and no company or product has reflected the trade show's spirit more than Intel and Segway's new personal transporter.

Intel and Segway's device is a hoverboard designed to transform into a robot that can stream video, make facial expressions and do a variety of other gestures, all thanks to its movable arms and digital eyes that blink once in a while. The robot butler can speak, process basic commands and even follow its owner around the house. The robot includes voice recognition support that prevents anyone from turning it against its owner. Another noteworthy feature is that the robot butler can navigate successfully through a furniture-filled house, all thanks to the RealSense Camera tech by Intel.

While the technology at CES 2016 seems pretty cool, spectators might want to file this one as a solution to problems that do not exist. Moreover, this robot butler from Segway and Intel is far more than a proof of concept or a simple demo as it is planned to be commercially available, and both companies are in the makings of a developer kit that would be available in the midyear of 2016.

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