Misfit's Specter Is A Smart Wireless Headphone For Fitness Aficonados

Misfit has built a strong reputation in the fitness industry with its strong lineup of smart devices designed to track and improve the user's daily activities. Now the company at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 wants to take things further as it unveils a new smart wireless headphone called the Specter.

Mistfit at last year's CES announced a smart light bulb, and this year's event takes the company back to its intended market with a smart wireless headphone. It's compatible with the company's homegrown app designed for programming a wide variety of features and functions. Furthermore, it also comes with a 3-axis accelerometer for tracking the user's activities. It comes with the standard fitness and sleep-tracking technology that Misfit dons on its devices while still delivering a decent sound performance.

The Specter comes with dual drivers, which are capable of delivering a much wider dynamic range, as well as a rich sound performance in music tracks, as compared to other headphones that only come with single driver setups. Misfit worked in partnership with Chinese premium headphone company 1More in designing the product.

As far as its design goes, the Specter comes with a unique loop design that secures itself to clothing. Misfits says that the Specter's design also allows it to be worn comfortably even throughout the day, as well as during exercise and sleeping. With its built-in accelerometer, it can also be used to track the user's activity and sleeping duration whenever it's used similarly to how Misfit's other devices work.

However, the Specter is still in its early development phase, so there is still a lot of room for Misfit to further improve the device. As far as the pricing and release date are concerned, nothing yet is official. Nevertheless, Misfit's webpage for the Specter says that it will come this year.

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