Remix OS Delivers Android On Desktops

Google's ubiquitous mobile operating system may be designed for smartphones, tablets and other home entertainment systems. While there are also Android-powered netbooks, hybrids and PCs, it's quite lacking in terms of market share in the world today. However, Jide Technology, a company founded by three ex-Google engineers, has a forked version of Android with a desktop-friendly user interface that is soon to be released free of charge.

Remix OS, as its name suggests, is a remix of the Android operating system. It comes with Google's app store that offers a myriad of apps, and it even features a desktop-friendly user interface that is complete with a Start button and a Notification bar. Users can even right click with their mouse as they would on a regular Windows PC. To put it simply, Remix OS delivers the same desktop interface that users have grown attached with ever since Microsoft's Windows operating system became the standard in personal computers.

Remix OS was initially designed for the company's two ARM-powered devices, and the lineup has been steadily growing now. However, the coined term "Android PC" is much better experienced in full-fledged desktops or laptops, aside from tablets and nettops. Now as the company plans to release the upcoming Remix OS 2.0, anyone can easily download and install it on any device that is equipped with an Intel or AMD processor. Furthermore, they can even make a pen drive and use it as a portable operating system by installing it on a flash drive.

According to reports, Jide Technology has partnered with Android-x86, a community project that aims to make Google's mobile operating system on any x86 device. The group has been at it for years now, but it has been doing so with the vanilla Android user interface, which works greatly for mobile devices but not so much for PCs. However, with Jide Technology's Remix OS, getting a more familiar desktop environment would now be easier.

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