Turning Your Phone's Bed Mode On Helps You Get A Good Sleep, Study Says

Most people nowadays find it difficult to get some good night sleep -- affecting their sleep quality and eventually their immune system. A team of researchers recently suggested that it would help you fall asleep if you put your mobile phones, e-readers, laptops or computers on "bed mode" or choose the "DND" (Do Not Disturb) option.

This recommendation was based on their findings that these "personal gadgets" may have been the culprit for such low quality of sleep and other evening dilemmas. Using these electronic devices might be ruining your sleep for several reasons.

Lead researcher and professor at the Department of Children's Sleep Medicine, Paul Gringas, said that your brain ceases to produce melatonin when you keep on staring at a bright screen before going to bed. Melatonin is an essential hormone that is naturally produced as the environment becomes darker -- giving you sufficient restful and good sleep. 

Over the years, technology in communication devices has evolved and progressed -- better specifications, user experience and enhanced availability. "And since these electronic gadgets have become more readily available, they have also turned out to be bluer and brighter," Professor Gringas said. "As an effect, the blue and green wavelengths of light from your phone, laptop or tablet trick your brain into thinking it's still daylight, which also prevent the release of melatonin," he further added.

Frontiers in Public Health Journal published the said research to detail and identify that such "personal gadgets" should "change the screen's light color to yellow and red as the day grows darker."

The situation becomes worse when you make it a habit to take your devices into bed before you sleep as you get tempted to check it from time to time -- destructing your mood towards falling into deep sleep. More so, staying online hours before bedtime likewise affects your body sleeping rhythm. The quality of sleep you ought to have become worst when you hold your phone closer to your face as the screen seems brighter, which tires out your eyes even more.

Know that it is generally disruptive to still be exposed to bright screens within two hours of your bedtime as this keeps you more awake and "virtually active."

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