'Bring-Your-Own-Device Policy' In The Workplace Does Not Actually Promote Multi-Tasking -- Learn How To Boost Employee's Productivity

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Ban laptops, smartphones and other gadgets during corporate and office meetings to promote focus and productivity among attendees. Photo : REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

The "Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD)" policy has been very common nowadays in many workplaces in different countries as most executives and managers consider its benefits not just to the employees but also to the company. However, such use of "personal technologies" at work and even on meetings can actually do more harm than good.

new research from the University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business suggested that mobile phones, laptops and other electronic devices must be banned during corporate meetings and office conferences. More than keeping the participants to stay focused and attentive, this "no-gadget policy" during meetings can help you create better outputs as well as save time and resources.

The said study also found out that older professionals, as well as those with higher incomes, consider checking text messages or emails during meetings "inappropriate and unethical." For one, it is stated that you are probably making your boss and colleagues more uncomfortable and a bit destructed when you bring your devices inside the meeting room, more so, when you constantly check on them.

Despite the BYOD trend, another report stated that 73% of the workers are bringing a laptop, a smartphone, a tablet or a combination of these devices into face-to-face meetings which may not always promote multitasking. At times, attendees may even be ignoring more important things as they are bound to have "split attention" -- office versus personal agenda.

Remember that your attention and concentration at work-related matters are much anticipated particularly during meetings, brainstorming sessions and presentations. Hence, these "personal technologies" are believed to distract you -- losing your focus on your tasks and targets, decreasing your productivity levels, and eventually affecting your performance and short-changing your own professional growth. 

Improve the flow of your meetings and successfully finish all your agenda on time by letting everyone know those etiquettes for using personal devices at work. Proper orientation and training among personnel are highly encouraged. 

Apparently, there have been some previous reports that explained why some successful people do not check their mobile phones and open their laptops during corporate meetings. Letting your subordinates and colleagues know how to plug themselves into the meeting and not into their devices is indeed a good start. 

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