Developer Version of Remix OS 2.0 Goes Live

Microsoft's Windows may easily top the spot as the largest operating system market share for desktops and laptops, but there are still those who would still prefer a fresh change for their daily personal computing needs. While Google's Chrome OS presents itself as one with its clean desktop interface, as well as its suite of apps, it pales in comparison against the search engine giant's very own Android platform. Remix OS, an operating system kickstarted by former Google engineers, on the other hand, seeks to offer more as it combines the functionality and ergonomics that come with Windows-based computers and Android's plethora of apps. Now, the company has just released a developer version for consumers to try out.

Remix OS can now be downloaded from its official website. However, the available version is currently in its alpha phase, but users will be able to run it on their own hardware. According to the official page, Remix OS is compatible with most computers today that are powered by at least an x86 chipset. Users who wish to install it by themselves will need a computer with a USB legacy boot option and at least an 8GB USB 3.0 flash drive that supports FAT32 and comes with a recommended transfer speed of 20MB/s. Remix OS is based on the Android-x86 project, which is also backed with crowdsourcing and a healthy hardware support list.

Remix OS combines the extensive ergonomic functions of a Windows desktop that users have come to be familiar with. It comes with several keyboard shortcuts such as copying and pasting, and users can even resize, maximise and restore apps. Furthermore, users can even download Microsoft's Office apps should they want to use them as a documentation tool for their productivity needs.

There have been earlier reports about Google combining Chrome OS and Android for its upcoming Chromebooks. While the search engine giant was quick to dismiss that, those who wish to see what it may have been can look into Remix OS.

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