Kia Unveils The Hybrid Niro And The Telluride Concept

South Korean automobile manufacturer Kia Motors Corporation has unveiled two new concept vehicles at the North American Auto Show held in Detroit, Michigan. First is a hybrid utility vehicle known as the Niro and a concept sports utility vehicle known as the Telluride, which is said to be electric.

Kia's Niro is a hybrid vehicle that uses a downsized electric-petrol powertrain. The words used to describe the hybrid are versatile and sporty as it is designed as aerodynamic and sleek. This is also the vehicle that has been teased by the company associated with the upcoming movie X-Men Apocalypse.

The Niro is aiming for sub 90g per kilometre carbon dioxide efficiency as it is powered by a downsized electric-petrol hybrid powertrain. It will be the first vehicle on Kia's eco-car platform. The final version of the Niro will be seen in February as the Chicago Auto Show takes place.

Next is the Telluride, a full-sized seven-seater concept sports utility vehicle. The Telluride offers three rows of big seats that are solidly styled to potentially sit in the luxury SUV category. It is also known to be in competition with Volvo's XC90.

The Kia Telluride is based on a Sorento chassis that has been modified. The concept sports utility vehicle also features zeitgeist technology in terms of its rear-seat swipe command centre console and its three-dimensional printed trim. Its energy comes from the usual plug-in hybrid electric vehicle powertrain system supported by a V6-bolstered 3.5-liter engine with electric motors. The total power output for the vehicle weighs in at a combined 400 brake horsepower driven through all four of its wheels and is capable of around a combined cycle of 30 miles per gallon of gasoline.

There are no plans to bring the Telluride to production as of the moment. However, Kia has a strong history of making production vehicles that resemble its concept vehicles unveiled.

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