The Detroit Auto Show Uncovers VLF's Force1 Supercar

VLF Automotive is a luxury car manufacturer launched by former General Motors executive Bob Lutz with help from GreenTech Automotive's Gilbert Villarreal and renowned car designer Henrik Fisker. At the North American International Auto Show held in Detroit Michigan this 2016, the company has unveiled its very first supercar that boasts 745 horsepower based on a donor Dodge Viper dubbed as the Force1.

The Force1 supercar was designed by Fisker. It is composed of a carbon fibre body, and its curb weight is secured at 3,395 pounds. The car's interior has been dressed up with exquisite quilted leather and an array of handful amenities like its wine holder. The Dodge Viper has 645 horsepower to brag about, but the Force1 supercar has 745 horsepower that likely will leave the Viper eat dust in a race. VLF's supercar also has a torque output of 638 pound-feet and is powered by tuned-up 8.4-liter V10 engine. It also offers a six-speed paddle-shifted automatic transmission as an alternative to the manual transmission standard.

The VLF Force1 integrates downforce elements like the aggressive rear air diffusor made up of pure and visible carbon fibre plus the deep front spoiler. A unique rear wing spoiler is also seen attached to the top of its rear glass that houses an antenna. The 21-inch wheels are wrapped up in a massive 355/25-sized Pirelli P Zeros.

VLF deep-roots that the Force1 can hit 60 miles per hour in less than three seconds and a quarter mile in less than 11 seconds at less than 137 miles per hour. The supercar is said to have a top speed of 218 miles per hour.

The Force1's appearance at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show has been shadowed with controversy. It was previously reported that British carmaker Aston Martin was preventing the car's appearance at the said trade fair and making threats to car designer Fisker. In return, Fisker filed a civil extortion case against Aston Martin asking for a big sum of money as compensation for damages.

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