Marathon Laundry Introduces An Intelligent Double-Duty Washer And Dryer In One Package

Marathon Laundry introduces a double-duty smart-grid laundry machine at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. Not only does it wash people's clothes; it also dries them fast using its vent system.

Washer-dryer combinations do seem like a pretty practical invention. If an appliance like this is smart enough, it can start drying clothes when it is done with washing, and clothes would not have to stay there wrinkled and damp provided that some unfriendly dryer clothes have been removed first. Washer-dryer combos have been existent for the past decades now, but these machines are ventless, making the drying process slower than that of vented machines. These machines are often found in Europe, but they are not meant to be space-wise as they are big and bulky.

Smart-grid laundry machine manufacturer Marathon, a company based in San Carlos, California, has made a vented version of these machines, which rival conventional washer-dryer combinations when it comes to cleaning supremacy and time. This double-duty smart appliance is on display at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Marathon Laundry machine is not made to save some space. It is a bulky 3.2 cubic-foot electronic appliance that is about 27 inches wide. It is probably roughly the same as a conventional washing machine with the same laundry capacity. However, users can use its 10-inch touchscreen for Wi-Fi connectivity. Once that is done, the smart appliance will start to learn its user's habits and remember regular settings for washing and drying clothes. The laundry machine might even learn what detergent its owner uses and automatically adjust water amounts and temperature to the best settings possible.

The idea of this smart appliance is not to have thousands of washing cycles to select from. If the owners want to sanitise their clothes or have a delicate clothes wash, they could. Although, basic wash and dry settings do the trick most of the time for most people. The Marathon double-duty smart laundry machine will be out in the market this summer and will have a price tag of US$1,199.

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