Buick Reveals the Avista Concept Coupe

General Motors American automobile division Buick has not featured on wish lists of many Europeans or Americans over the past few years. However, it might be time to change this as the company unveils a concept car known as the Avista at the 2016 North American International Auto Show held at Detroit, Michigan.

The Buick Avista concept car is a two-door rear-wheel-drive vehicle with the engine upfront. Under the hood is where its concept V6 twin turbo 3.0-litre engine is located, backed up by an eight-speed automatic transmission with 400 brake horsepower.

The Avista concept is looking really good, although it obviously has taken its cues from the Avenir concept that debuted in last year's show with a little influence from bits of good-looking metal on the exterior. The Avista hints a touch of the Ford Mustang and Jaguar at the front end, with a little Japanese tuner motif at the rear end. The mixed designs add up nicely to the finished product.

At the interior of the Avista, a pair of nice-looking vestigial rear seats is a surprise with a swoopy central console and dashboard. The car also features a vague triangle theme that theoretically echoes waves from the beach. Altogether, the car looks suspiciously close and ready for mass production.

Global Buick Design Executive Director Bryan Nesbitt states that the Avista concept was designed to capture the perfect drive spirit. Waves that come from either the sands or the seas are all about flow and motion, and that is what the car is all about, a vehicle with flowing design and the pure experience of driving.

The Avista concept may have a smooth language to consumers, but the fact is that it sits on the same wheelbase as the Camaro from Chevrolet. It has a decent engine that already exists in the rear world with a start and stop button with cylinder deactivation. With its charming looks and a proper interior, the car might not be much of a hassle for the company to deliver it for mass production.

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